Celebration Of Voices

WPAA-TV believes in uplifting the voices of our local producers. And we are not alone in thinking the programs produced for WPAA-TV are good stuff. 

Congrats to all the winners. The New England Alliance For Community Media judges chose 8 of our 10 submissions as finalists in the Nor’Easter Festival.

Taking top honors was Mike Schleif for animated cartoons in the categories Arts & Theater and  Instructional & Training: Space Bears The Movie and Drawing with Mandy: Lantern

When I Speak Freely, the youth winner of the Democracy 2022 Civic Life Project Film Challenge and the National Hometown Festival was a 2nd place Finalist in the all-ages category in the Nor’easter: About Access.

Celebrating Local Creators WPAA-TV Winners Reel

The MakingItArtisan$tories Crew was a  Finalist in Diversity Empowerment & Performance with How Love Begat a Book JoJo’s Tiny Ear Author Stephania and The Evolution of SUE├âNOS by Anatar Marmol-Gagne. Georgian Lussier, was a finalist in Profile Talk for her show MidLife Matters featuring Nonprofit Leader Sandie Lavoy and as guest host in conversation with Matthew Bailey of B.C. Funeral Home in the category of Science, Health, and Spirituality. WPAA-TV’s 2021 Annual Report Celebration of Voices WPAA-TV was again recognized for overall excellence.

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