The State Of Church & Community Media

Open Letter to Local Churches – History and Current Viewership Content from churches has been a ‘walk-in’ mainstay of community media for four decades. For more than two of those decades, services were cablecast the week following the service. This may still be true on other community media channels. However, fourteen years ago, WPAA-TV committed … Continue reading The State Of Church & Community Media

From Where You Are

Capturing Wallingford from “Where you are!’ and compiling a video for sharing on Local@5 is an initiative to bring people together and archive our community as the people see it. Local@5 is how we share current community-contributed content. We hope to see your view of Wallingford on TV. #wpaatv must comply with copyright law and … Continue reading From Where You Are

Civic Literacy, Elections, Community Media

Information and civic literacy are the community education focuses of community media. Community education is provided in collaborative support of special video programs, engaging in community forums with questions for clarification, transparency, or fact-finding, and social engagement tagged #civicliteracy #informationliteracy. And we host a Municipal Get-Out-The-Vote Session during Community Media Week. This tag was on … Continue reading Civic Literacy, Elections, Community Media

Let’s Crowdsource a ‘Celebrate Wallingford’ Movie

Crowdsourcing Celebrate Wallingford Movie is the submission of images and videos taken by the participants and attendees of Celebrate Wallingford to a folder in the cloud to be edited by the youth team at WPAA-TV. Most submitted content will be from a cell phone, but users of drones and photographers are most welcome to join in.

Wallingford Stories, Yours and Ours #TeentigerTV

Will you accept our inaugural offer for the production of your Wallingford small business story by our #TeenTigerTV crew under the guidance of a professional filmmaker? Community Funded Youth Program For a minimum tax-deductible donation of $750 designated to our youth media program the #TeenTigerTV, the #TeenTigerTV team will produce a ‘non-commercial’ story about your … Continue reading Wallingford Stories, Yours and Ours #TeentigerTV

Commitment: A Higher Level of Support

Our Reply About Commitment Does the CAP have an agreement to provide a level of support higher than that set by the standards in Conn. Agencies Reg. § 16-331a-11? Public Utilities Control Authority Question 41 Study per SA 22-23, Special Act 22-23 authorizes a community media study. The study proposal first appeared as a ‘strike … Continue reading Commitment: A Higher Level of Support