From Where You Are

Capturing Wallingford from “Where you are!’ and compiling a video for sharing on Local@5 is an initiative to bring people together and archive our community as the people see it.

Local@5 is how we share current community-contributed content.

We hope to see your view of Wallingford on TV.

#wpaatv must comply with copyright law and have permission to use something you create. We can not just take the content you publish to Facebook. Sending to the email solves this for us and you.

The people of Wallingford have many things in common like seeing the early sprouts of spring, the experience of winter, or beautiful sunsets in many locations in town. You also may have very unique stories to share. All are welcome.

This is called crowd casting. We hope many become familiar with it so that when we have events like Celebrate Wallingford hosted by Wallingford Center Inc. we will be able to capture it as the people of Wallingford experience it.

Until then help us #CelebrateWallingfordEveryday #wpaatv #yourtownoyourstationyourvoice #MorethanTV @followers
11 people contributed to the 1st crowd cast of 2024. Enjoy the video.

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