SPECIAL ACT 22-23 | The Wrong Study

The Transformation of SB278 into SA 22-23 | A Study Special Act 22-23 authorizes a community media study. The study proposal first appeared as a full replacement amendment1 of Senate Bill 2782 on the last day3 of a robust 2022 Connecticut Legislative Session. The amendment substitutes immediate action, modifying regulations, with a study. A study can … Continue reading SPECIAL ACT 22-23 | The Wrong Study

Wallingford Cable Access Provider

In response to 2021 staff changes at WGTV, take action in keeping with our Wallingford Cable Access Provider role in providing Public, Education and Government Access Television in Wallingford. Communication Goals with Town of Wallingford To be open to constructive conversations on how to maintain video service excellence with benefits to viewers and taxpayers. To … Continue reading Wallingford Cable Access Provider

Our Bones Are Good – What Is Next

Our Bones Are Good | The governance team has spent the past decade on barn-building. They focused on the property acquisition, renovation and installation of technology tied to the mission. In 2020, we are pivoting toward long term sustainability of the operation. The infrastructure of people and finances and the connection between both. This may … Continue reading Our Bones Are Good – What Is Next

#InformationLiteracy Resolution

Leaning in to our birthright and purpose. Resolution adopted 10.5.2020 WHEREAS, Wallingford Public Access Association, Inc. (WPAA-TV and Community Media Center), a non-profit 501©3 operating in the Town of Wallingford CT as the designated Cable Access Provider since July 28, 1993 [as reaffirmed by the franchising authority in Docket #08-04-09 in accordance with CT. Agencies … Continue reading #InformationLiteracy Resolution

Who is watching?

Ironically, our TV audiences are basic cable subscribers for which we have no data: no totals, no demographics, and therefore no context such as “What percent of subscribers are basic cable only?” Individuals that can afford cable packages are highly unlikely to be our viewers because they choose to pay for entertainment channels that they … Continue reading Who is watching?

Board President Statement Joey Allard (2019)

I, Joey Allard, had the opportunity to be a leader and a learner while serving WPAA-TV as President until June 2019. My three-year term on the board is up in a few months but I have never been more proud to be a part of WPAA-TV. Looking back at the challenges we faced we have … Continue reading Board President Statement Joey Allard (2019)

What are the Responsibilities of a Board Member?

The Basics Attend six meetings that focus on oversight and strategic direction of the organization One of these is the Annual Celebration of Voices. Dinner, Conversation and Look Back Participate in at least one committee: Outreach, Building, Tech Or, Participate in an Initiative: Information Literacy, Civics Literacy, #SocialActionArt, Community Media Day Attend committee meetings and … Continue reading What are the Responsibilities of a Board Member?

PEGPETIA Purpose, Equity and Reasonableness

Testimony to PURA from WPAA-TV: In support of equity in service to our diverse communities about the method of funding for capital expenses associated with CT Community TV Equity and reasonableness within a system with embedded inequities are challenging and noble goals. In striving to achieve Goal #6 ‘applicant‐friendly and not unduly burdensome to the … Continue reading PEGPETIA Purpose, Equity and Reasonableness