Spanish Language TV | nuestra misión for More Than a Decade

For a decade, providing the community with Spanish Language TV has been part of WPAA-TV’s core mission. Often people are unaware of what can be seen on community TV or how content is determined. In this season of giving, it seemed to be a good time to share some history about the the gift of … Continue reading Spanish Language TV | nuestra misión for More Than a Decade

StreetshotZ No Expiration Date

A #NoExpireDate #SocialActionArt Project Feeding and housing our neighbors by inspiring your donations with art gifts. You can receive #StreetshotZ, the photo book, for your generous support of housing or food insecure programs serving our community. Two ways to help: PDF or Photobook Options. PDF: Send a copy of your thank you letter to … Continue reading StreetshotZ No Expiration Date

#InformationLiteracy Resolution

Leaning in to our birthright and purpose. Resolution adopted 10.5.2020 WHEREAS, Wallingford Public Access Association, Inc. (WPAA-TV and Community Media Center), a non-profit 501©3 operating in the Town of Wallingford CT as the designated Cable Access Provider since July 28, 1993 [as reaffirmed by the franchising authority in Docket #08-04-09 in accordance with CT. Agencies … Continue reading #InformationLiteracy Resolution

Information Literacy According to Freeman

All of us carry bias. Our beliefs and opinions are influenced … When we first meet someone, we already have a narrative we tell about them, just by looking at them.  DANA STACHOWIAK Literacy Now Acts of Journalism, Acts of Literacy Journalists must check their biases daily As best they can. The Fourth Estate Journalism … Continue reading Information Literacy According to Freeman

Hercules Arrived in the Neighborhood 5 Years Ago

Public Art has a whole new value in the time of Covid-19, at least in this tiger’s neighborhood. But we always knew it was a destination spot. Even Triple AAA agrees. Ryan Christenson, a local mural artist, widely known as ARCY began touring the nation painting murals in 2015. Finding a welcoming spot in his … Continue reading Hercules Arrived in the Neighborhood 5 Years Ago

Better, But …

We can be better. But “Great Again?” They may be slanderous words. When were our doors open so often, our schedule of programs so diverse, our rooms so filled with civic and creative use? Never. Our performance on nearly every possible ranking continues to trend upward sometimes doubling prior periods. Tell me exactly what is … Continue reading Better, But …