All Blog Posts before 2015…

The original blog was designed to develop and support the concept of a community video crew to be called OnTheParadeGround. The name evolved from efforts to procure property ‘literally’ On the Parade Ground in Wallingford CT for the Community TV Station. Since The Parade Ground remains a gathering place of residents for community events for … Continue reading All Blog Posts before 2015…

OnTheParadeGround — a concept still needing Humans

It is with great pride and enthusiasm that WPAA-TV Executive Director accepts the 1st Place Award for Diversity Empowerment on behalf of Penn’s Pals with a hope to be able to submit to this category every year from the annual creation & collection of Wallingford stories. She supported this effort as an OnTheParade Ground Volunteer.  … Continue reading OnTheParadeGround — a concept still needing Humans

Congratulations On The Parade Ground Crew

At WPAA-TV Interns are being added into the mix as part of community volunteers supporting citizens with their communication goals as members of OnTheParadeGround Crews. So consider being an Intern!! Producer participation in Alliance for Community Media is also encouranged and underwritten by WPAA.  There is a overall sense of pride about of all of the … Continue reading Congratulations On The Parade Ground Crew

Public Event TV: One Camera Shoot

Wallace Dam Fishway: Harry Haakonsen Dedication Video is complete.  I did not editorialize but I did edit the material presenting the nearly 2 hour event in 30 minutes, with a slight restructuring of the sequence of events.  I did give the project slightly more than one hour per minute of production attention. I enjoyed creating the lower … Continue reading Public Event TV: One Camera Shoot

Middle School and Digital Literacy

Last year to help fulfill the mission of media center at WPAA-TV I became a middle school blog reader. The goal was to contribute to improving the young bloggers’ digital literacy. It turns out that blog communication, even with an educational agenda, becomes personal and transformative. My blog rule: Do not blog like shampoo instructions: Lather. … Continue reading Middle School and Digital Literacy

2012 — seeds of change

In 2009, a few of us experimented with format and crew development. We completed programs for 6 non-profit/community organizations. The intiative was then interrupted by the evolution of WPAA into a media center (new building/location); and the crew was distracted by the creation of studioW (which is now a Piece Theatre project) and general skills retooling. In … Continue reading 2012 — seeds of change

Launched YouTube Channel OTPGWPAA

It is challenging to schedule shorts on the Community Access Channel. They can be filler and seen if someone is surfing. So in addition to submitting to WPAA-TV some shorts will be posted on the OntheParadeGround You Tube Channel There are a few Versions of Blood On Our Hands on this Channel because viewers provided … Continue reading Launched YouTube Channel OTPGWPAA

studioW 4 entries from year 1, otpg 2 from year 2

Our year has been more random than anticipated but given we supported events that on average were 3 hours long we did produce considerable content. We also have capture/LIVE programs that get post production attention to tell a fuller story and improve video quality. This Year we are taking our chances on the following in … Continue reading studioW 4 entries from year 1, otpg 2 from year 2