Our Spiritual Communities Inspire Me

A Tradition of Service WPAA-TV has done its best to carry on our decades-long tradition of sharing faith community services as TV with the homebound. With COVID-19 many more are homebound. Same Day Sunday #NowMoreThanEver Since social distancing became a way of life, WPAA-TV expanded its commitment to local faith communities to share their worship … Continue reading Our Spiritual Communities Inspire Me

Ten-Year Journey Ends With the Signing of a Check: WPAA-TV Reaches Major Milestone

Contributed by Garrett Amil WPAA-TV reached the end of a ten-year journey that wouldn’t have been possible without community support. On Feb. 24, Nelson Ford, the oldest volunteer, and former board member, excitedly signed the final check to pay off the building, located at 28 So Orchard Street. The building was paid off two years … Continue reading Ten-Year Journey Ends With the Signing of a Check: WPAA-TV Reaches Major Milestone

The Bloom A Reflection

In the sharing, and promoting the sharing, of A thorny Journey Blooms in Story in the #MyGivingStory contest funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in partnership with Unleash Global Good LLC (dba GivingTuesday) there was much personal discovery. The premise of #MyGivingStory follows: By sharing our stories, we can inspire others to give. … Continue reading The Bloom A Reflection

On The Parade Ground (2009)

The following blog entry into On the Parade Ground was in 2009 when WPAA volunteers had lost a two-year effort to acquire a property on The Parade Ground. They also had no idea they would find an in-town property or keep their doors open daily. Much has changed, but what remains a challenge is the development … Continue reading On The Parade Ground (2009)

Help Me Tell Our Vision Story

We just experienced our first intentional fundraising for the direct work of WPAA-TV. The lessons learned include: Donors who know us and had the means were generous. Several gave from limited means because they know us. The mystery is that several who have been helped made no gesture of support. Did they not understand the … Continue reading Help Me Tell Our Vision Story

#GiveGreat2019 Help | Thanks to 88 friends

UPD: $3,000 raised WPAA-TV Owns 28 So Orchard St   — $38,000 in Building Debt remains  The property title for 28 So Orchard St was released on March 7, 2019 to Wallingford Public Access Association (WPAA-TV). In 2009, for a purchase price of $215,000, the nonprofit WPAA-TV entered into a 12-year purchase agreement with the late Paul … Continue reading #GiveGreat2019 Help | Thanks to 88 friends

Be the Community Story

Stories Need to be Shared The life of an organization such as Wallingford Public Access Association (WPAA), intersects with and touches lives in unpredictable ways. Often, outcomes are not readily quantified for donors, but when they are shared with them in a story, the outcomes and results may be clarified, and perhaps stir us to … Continue reading Be the Community Story

Better, But …

We can be better. But “Great Again?” They may be slanderous words. When were our doors open so often, our schedule of programs so diverse, our rooms so filled with civic and creative use? Never. Our performance on nearly every possible ranking continues to trend upward sometimes doubling prior periods. Tell me exactly what is … Continue reading Better, But …


Will things get better or worse or is incivility status quo? Public discourse, Rich Hanley, Quinnipiac University associate journalism professor said, is “a huge chunk of civic society” but online discourse often devolves into “a cycle of rage people get caught up in.” The rage, foul language and lack of empathy is nothing new, … and was clear … Continue reading Trolls