#InformationLiteracy Resolution

Leaning in to our birthright and purpose. Resolution adopted 10.5.2020 WHEREAS, Wallingford Public Access Association, Inc. (WPAA-TV and Community Media Center), a non-profit 501©3 operating in the Town of Wallingford CT as the designated Cable Access Provider since July 28, 1993 [as reaffirmed by the franchising authority in Docket #08-04-09 in accordance with CT. Agencies … Continue reading #InformationLiteracy Resolution

Information Literacy According to Freeman

All of us carry bias. Our beliefs and opinions are influenced … When we first meet someone, we already have a narrative we tell about them, just by looking at them.  DANA STACHOWIAK Literacy Now Acts of Journalism, Acts of Literacy Journalists must check their biases daily As best they can. The Fourth Estate Journalism … Continue reading Information Literacy According to Freeman


Will things get better or worse or is incivility status quo? Public discourse, Rich Hanley, Quinnipiac University associate journalism professor said, is “a huge chunk of civic society” but online discourse often devolves into “a cycle of rage people get caught up in.” The rage, foul language and lack of empathy is nothing new, … and was clear … Continue reading Trolls

Building Muscles with Story Circles (or, overcoming lazy brain bias)

Collaboration – getting people to share information and co-create solutions is critical to a healthy community’s success. However, it is not always easy to achieve. Our biases impact how we form first impressions, decide with whom to work, whose ideas we listen to, determine to whom we provide opportunities, and more. Bias can cause us … Continue reading Building Muscles with Story Circles (or, overcoming lazy brain bias)

Why choose symbols to express yourself

Free Speech: Symbolic protest against injustice and name-calling of those that protest injustice. All lawful. If you want to be heard or make-a-difference you choose your platform and symbols and take action with the courage because there will be haters that will try to take you down, obliterate your message and derail your purpose. Free … Continue reading Why choose symbols to express yourself

Does copyright law provides us with a First Amendment-free zone

Whether the alleged use is a ‘political statement’ or not, whether it is a ‘parody’, or not: the decision for someone to express themselves—whether quoting a news article, an opponent or the lyrics of a Pokemon song, we must remember it is the speech of the person who chooses to make it AND considerations of … Continue reading Does copyright law provides us with a First Amendment-free zone

Atypical Media Organization

The term ‘media organization’ means “a person or entity engaged in disseminating information to the general public through a newspaper, magazine, other publication, radio, television, cable television, or other media of mass communication.” (2 USCS § 1602). Media institutions can also be seen as being involved in the production, exchange and reproduction of meaning. Therefore, … Continue reading Atypical Media Organization

Panel on Guerrilla Filming at Film Festival NHdocs

Some insights shared, and reflections on, panel at NHDocs with filmmaker Gorman Bechard, cinematographer Adrian Correia, Producer Colleen McQuaid, and sound recordist Aaron Miller . My expectations: The discussion would be specifically about Guerrilla film-making as a form of independent film-making characterized by low budgets, skeleton crews, and simple props using whatever is available. The panel’s focus, however, … Continue reading Panel on Guerrilla Filming at Film Festival NHdocs

How to be true to Free Speech (Parrhesia)

What is Free Speech?  Is it a prayer, picture, song, rap, poem, story, tweet, blog, flag, bumper-sticker, money, or video even one captured via smartphone? Is it what a politician says to followers, a preacher to those in the pews, a conversation at dinner, a lesson in a classroom, a made for TV movie? Is … Continue reading How to be true to Free Speech (Parrhesia)