Why choose symbols to express yourself

Free Speech: Symbolic protest against injustice and name-calling of those that protest injustice. All lawful.

If you want to be heard or make-a-difference you choose your platform and symbols and take action with the courage because there will be haters that will try to take you down, obliterate your message and derail your purpose. Free Speech with purpose is no easy road. It is however easy to hurl insults, denigrate and be dismissive. Choose your voice. Because collectively all voices being heard are the promise of America.

Lawful Speech is Constitutionally protected in America

Take note of what is NOT protected by the constitution: Written or spoken words, pictures, signs, or other forms of communication
that tend to defame, discredit, criticize, impugn, embarrass, challenge or question ‘the government’, its policies, or its officials; speech that advocates the ‘overthrow of the government’ by force or violence or that incites people to change the government by unlawful means.

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