Question and Response: Free Speech

Q: What does Free Speech mean to you?
Answers from Community TV Volunteers on Martin Luther King Day 2017:

Ability to express who I am. Not a right, a need
Ability to speak your mind freely, openly, and honestly without fear of prejudice or mockery or punishment
Ability to voice your opinions
A privilege
A fundamental human right
Community TV
Expressing opinions without fear of punishment
Feeling safe to be able to discuss topics possibly not otherwise
Feeling of others, also caring for everyone
Freedom to yell, “I’m Free.”
Free speech is being able to say what you want, zero f’cks given
Love is all from sources
My opinion matters, no apologies
Our existence
Speaking your mind on what’s important to you, no matter how, what, or who you offend
Speaking your mind without fear
The right to express my opinions without fear of reprisal, either governmental or private
The right to have an opinion
To see from a different perspective

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