Civil Rights & MLK: Remembrance and Media

Excerpt Citizen Media Maven _ The Life Real change requires risk and going against the status quo. It comes with discomfort and sometimes confrontation. It might be a cruel illusion, but I live every day guided by You were put here for a reason the belief that community TV in a suburban community near the city of … Continue reading Civil Rights & MLK: Remembrance and Media

#InformationLiteracy Resolution

Leaning in to our birthright and purpose. Resolution adopted 10.5.2020 WHEREAS, Wallingford Public Access Association, Inc. (WPAA-TV and Community Media Center), a non-profit 501©3 operating in the Town of Wallingford CT as the designated Cable Access Provider since July 28, 1993 [as reaffirmed by the franchising authority in Docket #08-04-09 in accordance with CT. Agencies … Continue reading #InformationLiteracy Resolution

Our Spiritual Communities Inspire Me

A Tradition of Service WPAA-TV has done its best to carry on our decades-long tradition of sharing faith community services as TV with the homebound. With COVID-19 many more are homebound. Same Day Sunday #NowMoreThanEver Since social distancing became a way of life, WPAA-TV expanded its commitment to local faith communities to share their worship … Continue reading Our Spiritual Communities Inspire Me

Juneteenth Guest Blog| to Freedom …

Juneteenth to Freedom, My Grandmother and Me By Alease Annan, Marketing Manager; founding member, One BRIC Racial Equity Steering Committee @BRICBrooklyn “Let’s go, Alease!” my grandmother who I am named after would yell as she put on her apron and walked into the kitchen at our home in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. It was always hard … Continue reading Juneteenth Guest Blog| to Freedom …

What shows are on Community TV?

People often ask, “What kind of content is shown on Community TV?” The answer is, “Whatever walks in the door.” So, what does walk in the door? People walk in. And truth be told, it is frequently people with agendas. Fortunately, agendas are as diverse as our community. Sometimes they come with a DVD or … Continue reading What shows are on Community TV?

Scoring low on Diversity bothers me …

As I reflect on my year with WPAA-TV, I open a large manila envelope that contains review comments about the 2016 Video Festival Reel which was edited to represent what made 2016 different during our year together. The reel was submitted with this description of 2016. We hope you enjoy your video visit to … Continue reading Scoring low on Diversity bothers me …

Community Collaboration

Does every idea need to be nurtured? Does every cause need brick & mortar? Does every suffering need a solution without regard for duration of effect? Can outcomes be made better even within compromise? Is engagement of diverse voices beneficial? How do you define diversity? No. No. No. Yes.Yes. Age, gender, economics, culture, ability, experience. … Continue reading Community Collaboration

a society of insulated subcultures

We are a society of insulated subcultures. The role of money & media in elections helps establish why alternative media is needed. How do you find trusted sources of news? Do you follow one silo of opinions/editorials/commentary? Are you old enough to remember how radio or TV 1st influenced you, your ideas and opinions? Where … Continue reading a society of insulated subcultures

Who is Freeman P Quinn, 1st

Freeman P Quinn, 1st is the Free Speech Ambassador of WPAA-TV and Community Media Center. The slogan “Be Freeman” means to become digitally literate and be open to the opinion of others, not to adopt or follow, but to adjust your own knowing. The tag #AnyoneCanBeFreeman suggests that anyone can be an ambassador of informed free … Continue reading Who is Freeman P Quinn, 1st