What are we trying to solve? CT Community Media

What are we solving? A financial band-aide on an ineffective, broken system on behalf of the communities we serve is not a solution that serves all stakeholders… more dollars for CAPS does not directly address disparities in capacity, service, representation, competencies, complexity, accountability, or outdated language.

Chuck Sherwood Leadership Award

Honestly, my reaction was “This is the wrong time.” The Chuck Sherwood Leadership Award is not a hyperlocal award… it is about moving the movement forward. I felt, that even with thirty-six years as a volunteer in several citizen media movement roles, I had not yet accomplished enough to win. But, upon hearing the news … Continue reading Chuck Sherwood Leadership Award

SPECIAL ACT 22-23 | The Wrong Study

The Transformation of SB278 into SA 22-23 | A Study Special Act 22-23 authorizes a community media study. The study proposal first appeared as a full replacement a.k.a. strike all amendment1 of Senate Bill 2782 on the last day3 of a robust 2022 Connecticut Legislative Session. The amendment substitutes immediate action, modifying regulations, with a study. … Continue reading SPECIAL ACT 22-23 | The Wrong Study

What is the universe telling me?

I am not sure how to read the universe at this moment.A week ago, I committed to making some adjustment in my service & focus dependent on outcomes on May 4.This picture is more effective as a video. On the last day of the #TheGreatGive06492 campaign, the Record-Journal promotion (and the collaborative effort) is literally blowing across my lawn. … Continue reading What is the universe telling me?

Open Letter | Fees & Public Rights Of Way

Feb 22, 2022 Open Letter to Members of the Energy and Technology Committee regarding Fees & Public Rights of Way Re: AN ACT REQUIRING …COMMUNITY ACCESS … TO BE TRUE & CURRENT I wish to write an able letter with the gravity of turn of the 19th-century letters to newspaper editors. These letters ‘of the … Continue reading Open Letter | Fees & Public Rights Of Way

Community Awards

One measure of success is community awards; especially, from peers. Another is to enable enough community engagement for ‘community produced’ television to happen regularly. We strive daily for a moment of time from residents, civic leaders and those interested in advocacy, performance and connection. We hope that in brief moments of connection, either  intentional or … Continue reading Community Awards

Team Hercules 2021, Youth and Our Mission

Program | Team Hercules Deploying volunteers successfully requires matching skills and interests with opportunities. Volunteers initially need one-on-one time. Our goal is to have as many as possible achieve some level of independence and ultimately be serving others, or with others. Local youth get to Wear the Paw. Entry into Team Hercules can be via … Continue reading Team Hercules 2021, Youth and Our Mission

Nothing but Evolutionary

2020-21 has been nothing but evolutionary, eclipsing 1965: the bridge in Selma Alabama, the race riots in Watts, The Voting Rights Act, Vietnam War, Medicare, the Gemini Space Program, Mini-skirts and CT imposing a 9% Gross Income Tax on cable companies that was still being adjudicated in 1990. As people gather virtually, there is a … Continue reading Nothing but Evolutionary