What is the universe telling me?

I am not sure how to read the universe at this moment.
A week ago, I committed to making some adjustment in my service & focus dependent on outcomes on May 4.
This picture is more effective as a video. On the last day of the #TheGreatGive06492 campaign, the Record-Journal promotion (and the collaborative effort) is literally blowing across my lawn.


The TV station WPAA-TV suffered an outage of nearly 10 hours. The Comcast feed went down 2 hours before our annual fundraiser special featuring the boundary pushing @Mike Casey Jazz Trio. This event’s reimbursable costs were covered by a @CtHumanities operations outreach grant.

The outage was resolved at about 2 am but I came in to monitor TVs that were still frozen. Not told about the problem status, I did not realize I needed to reboot our monitor TVs until late in the day. Tech & communication snafus are exhausting me.

The CT legislature passed SB 278. It was expected to change funding parameters to improve our sustainability. Unprecedented, this bill morphed into a study of Community TV funding & delivery with a full replace Amendment.

It will, and should, have consequences. Will they be favorable to democracy, or profit making companies? TBD. The built in prerequisites capping funding to the 3 years with the highest decline in subscribers makes it clear whose lobbyist drafted the Amendment. I believe a 3rd party independent study is necessary but this was not funded. If it is handled like a PURA Docket the outcomes will likely benefit communities of profitable interests.

WPAA-TV and Community Media Center won Overall Excellence for our size in Alliance for Community Media 2022 Hometown Video Festival. An incredible honor for the 3rd time in 4 years. #busydifferently

Our #TeamHercules Youth are also being recognized for their advocacy videos and local producer/animator Michael Schleif
for Children’s Programming. Chicago here I come.

Our MYB Innovation in Arts Space Initiative is now dependent on the health challenges of property owner. awkward  #Innovation

Today, I have officially completed 10 years as volunteer Executive Director. What my next steps will be have been ruminating in sleeplessness for weeks. Stay. Leave. Refocus.

I had decided to leave it up to the where the universe is today to determine how to refocus. But as usual, my life defies focus.

A contribution of $5, $10 to my decade long passion project would be an uplifting wind.

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