better, but …

We can be better but ‘Great Again’; them is slanderous words.

When were our doors open so often, our schedule of programs so diverse, our rooms so filled with civic and creative use? Never. Our performance on nearly every possible ranking continues to trend upward sometimes doubling prior periods. Tell me exactly what is the greatness you mud-slingers cling to: those moments when you were made to feel like the world center around you, that you were the raison d’etre for this community resource to exist.

The harassers continue to surface and make slanderous claims. It does pull me down. We can do better. The better that we need has nothing to do with the taunts of those who disenfranchised themselves. The better we need is happening one encounter at a time. One new understanding, one proud moment, one hope giving story at a time. The better comes from moving forward in spite of those who demean and accuse and are clueless as to what it takes to be a nonprofit with a building to maintain and policies to adhere to and regulation to comply with and ‘free speech’ to enable.

Truth is we are not supported like our peers in otspaceher communities whose public, education and government aspects of Community TV are connected by more than a designation. Truth is our potential is limited by the perception of value. Our value is now tangled in the chaos of a changing landscape.

When the first job holder declares “I am a photographer!” clueless as to what the camera could not do just one year ago. When the decade old editing system does not have “auto-save.” When the room that once held racks of tape decks now has 20 TB of server storage that no longer seems to be enough. When the … and the list goes on.

The past few weeks, filled with days that felt longer than usual, included a cacophony of disheartening messages. Then, the truth broke through. The thank yous, the hugs, the genuine appreciation.

 I can’t say that enough. Volunteering at WPAA-TV and learning from you has helped me tremendously.



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