Community TV Funding: at-risk

Regulatory changes that chip away at basic safeguards are part of the ethos. Community TV is not immune. However, with so many variations in service models both in Connecticut and throughout the nation it is hard to predict how this multi-layered and significant ‘accounting method proposal’ might become a give back of public rights obligations that … Continue reading Community TV Funding: at-risk

Would the world be different?

If I had retired this week at age 65, would the world look different?  A reflection by Volunteer Executive Director Susan Adele Huizenga ‘Social’ Work Story This week I had the pleasure of meeting a Social Work Graduate Student at a Middlesex County Candidates Forum focused on Housing. We chatted about how we each became … Continue reading Would the world be different?

Be the community story

Stories Need to be shared The life of an organization such as Wallingford Public Access Association (WPAA), intersects with and touches lives in unpredictable ways. Often, outcomes are not readily quantified for donors, but when they are shared with them in a story, the outcomes and results may be clarified, and perhaps stir us to … Continue reading Be the community story


Will things get better or worse or is incivility status quo? Public discourse, Rich Hanley, Quinnipiac University associate journalism professor said, is “a huge chunk of civic society” but online discourse often devolves into “a cycle of rage people get caught up in.” The rage, foul language and lack of empathy is nothing new, … and was clear … Continue reading Trolls

More than TV – Make Movies

If you are a filmmaker and want to know more about opportunities at WPAA-TV check out the guidelines at Film Initiative at studioW.  Or consider participating in our 3-minute movie challenges throughout the year. 3-Minute Movie Challenge The program More.Than.TV Make Movies is now three times a year. It includes underwriting qualifying films for festivals. … Continue reading More than TV – Make Movies

Scoring low on Diversity bothers me …

As I reflect on our year together, I get review comments from the 2016 Video Festival Reel which was edited to represent what made 2016 different at WPAA.TV. It was accompanied by this description of 2016. We hope you enjoy your video visit to viewing our compilation reel: More.Than.TV About our year 2016: More.Than.TV … Continue reading Scoring low on Diversity bothers me …