PEGPETIA Purpose, Equity and Reasonableness

Testimony to PURA from WPAA-TV: In support of equity in service to our diverse communities about the method of funding for capital expenses associated with CT Community TV Equity and reasonableness within a system with embedded inequities are challenging and noble goals. In striving to achieve Goal #6 ‘applicant‐friendly and not unduly burdensome to the … Continue reading PEGPETIA Purpose, Equity and Reasonableness

Community Media Today, literally, Today?

The landscape of Cable TV is changing constantly. Entertainment services are piggybacking on the cable infrastructure. Consumers are cord‐cutting. There is a growing interest in video content and a vast array of points of distribution. And most recently for Public, Education, and Government TV (P.E.G.), there is a reinterpretation by the FCC of Federal Law … Continue reading Community Media Today, literally, Today?

What shows are on Community TV?

I get asked, “What kind of content gets shown on Community TV?” The answer is “Whatever walks in the door.” So, what does walk in the door? People walk in. And truth be told, it is always people with agendas. Fortunately, agendas are as diverse as our community. Sometimes they come with a DVD or … Continue reading What shows are on Community TV?

#GiveGreat2019 Help | Thanks to 88 friends

UPD: $3,000 raised WPAA-TV Owns 28 So Orchard St   — $38,000 in Building Debt remains  The property title for 28 So Orchard St was released on March 7, 2019 to Wallingford Public Access Association (WPAA-TV). In 2009, for a purchase price of $215,000, the nonprofit WPAA-TV entered into a 12-year purchase agreement with the late Paul … Continue reading #GiveGreat2019 Help | Thanks to 88 friends

Community TV Funding: at-risk

Regulatory changes that chip away at basic safeguards are part of the ethos. Community TV is not immune. However, with so many variations in service models both in Connecticut and throughout the nation, it is hard to predict how this multi-layered and significant ‘accounting method proposal’ might become a give back of public rights obligations … Continue reading Community TV Funding: at-risk

Be the community story

Stories Need to be shared The life of an organization such as Wallingford Public Access Association (WPAA), intersects with and touches lives in unpredictable ways. Often, outcomes are not readily quantified for donors, but when they are shared with them in a story, the outcomes and results may be clarified, and perhaps stir us to … Continue reading Be the community story