Juneteenth Guest Blog| to Freedom …

Juneteenth to Freedom, My Grandmother and Me By Alease Annan, Marketing Manager; founding member, One BRIC Racial Equity Steering Committee @BRICBrooklyn “Let’s go, Alease!” my grandmother who I am named after would yell as she put on her apron and walked into the kitchen at our home in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. It was always hard … Continue reading Juneteenth Guest Blog| to Freedom …

What shows are on Community TV?

I get asked, “What kind of content gets shown on Community TV?” The answer is “Whatever walks in the door.” So, what does walk in the door? People walk in. And truth be told, it is always people with agendas. Fortunately, agendas are as diverse as our community. Sometimes they come with a DVD or … Continue reading What shows are on Community TV?

CommUnity #W06492

Community grows from knowing we are alive not for ourselves but for one another. The fruit of such knowing is a capacity to make the interests of others more important than one’s own. The CommUnity Conversations initiative was built on this idea.Thanks to the informing Contributors:  Chris Porter of Porter Financial Strategies with JP Venoit CEO … Continue reading CommUnity #W06492

Put the story first

The biggest challenge to effective citizen media is not the technology or lack of funds and/or public support. It is ego. The hosts, talent and crew that put the story 1st, succeed. Storytelling is the original social medium for humans. At its best it is emotional and creates personal value. It is in our DNA. You are not … Continue reading Put the story first

Contributor Bradford May: Our Sincere Thanks

Our community lost a protector, agitator and contributor on Feb. 27th. What we at WPAA-TV will miss most is his authentic interest in the principles of democracy, love of country and desire to serve for the greater good. During Donald Robert Kennedy Mayoral Candidacy he became aware of what we do at WPAA – TV and Community … Continue reading Contributor Bradford May: Our Sincere Thanks