While I am away—open invitation to guest host

So do you have a passion for the 1st Amendment, live or play in Wallingford and want to help build the free speech community here, if so send a note to wpaa@7TownTV.org and maybe you can guest host this show while I am in on a faraway island?

I also want to share that I am on this Island with a very welcome map I have due to the generosity of Comcast. C0mcast distributed world maps to local education representatives at Advisory Councils over a year ago. Last month, I was able to secure the last one provided to CACSCC. It will be starting class with me at Manu’a High School on Ta’u Island. The yellow arrows on the map point to Wallingford, CT and Ta’u and Comcast. A World Map was on the wish list for one of last years’ teacher volunteers.

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