July – Global Volunteers from Wallingford

Between my 9-month volunteer teaching experience in Cape Town, So. Africa and Pago Pago, Samoa for 1 year beginning this July, I have joined the theater collective Royal Pyngwyn as resident playwright/artistic director. It has been a busy two months culminating in the world premiere of my play

Cracked Upon a Time.

Click here for more: http://www.royalpyngwyn.com/

One of the themes explored in that play is … the nature of time’s passing and the certain inevitability of conclusion.

As part of my transition from this theater project and my next placement, I hope to talk with a few volunteers from Wallingford about global volunteering. To chat about how we can make our experience life beyond their conclusions. I think some of our stories may be of interest to others so I would like to roll tape – so to speak – while we chat for this program.

Can you join me? Contact me at WPAA@7towntv.org. I will try to coordinate the particulars after the 30th.

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