Commitment: A Higher Level of Support

Our Reply About Commitment Does the CAP have an agreement to provide a level of support higher than that set by the standards in Conn. Agencies Reg. § 16-331a-11? Public Utilities Control Authority Question 41 Study per SA 22-23, Special Act 22-23 authorizes a community media study. The study proposal first appeared as a ‘strike … Continue reading Commitment: A Higher Level of Support

Our Bones Are Good Internet Connected World

In an Internet connected world, can or should Community Access TV, as we know it, be sustained? Yes and No. Everything this experiment in democracy has at its core remains a vital part of sustaining democratic communities: building community through the production of ideas, opinions, stories, news, information and/or performance while valuing free speech, individual … Continue reading Our Bones Are Good Internet Connected World

The Bloom A Reflection

In the sharing, and promoting the sharing, of A thorny Journey Blooms in Story in the #MyGivingStory contest funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in partnership with Unleash Global Good LLC (dba GivingTuesday) there was much personal discovery. The premise of #MyGivingStory follows: By sharing our stories, we can inspire others to give. … Continue reading The Bloom A Reflection

A Thorny Journey Blooms in Story

Sharing #MyGivingStory now seems the right choice as I may be at the halfway mark in my service journey. What does over forty thousand hours of service in one’s adult life mean beyond being a lifestyle? What if I do what I am doing now for twenty consecutive full-time years? What can I resurrect from … Continue reading A Thorny Journey Blooms in Story

On The Parade Ground (2009)

The following blog entry into On the Parade Ground was in 2009 when WPAA volunteers had lost a two-year effort to acquire a property on The Parade Ground. They also had no idea they would find an in-town property or keep their doors open daily. Much has changed, but what remains a challenge is the development … Continue reading On The Parade Ground (2009)

WPAA-TV As Discovered by Intern John A McMahon

In the quiet town of Wallingford, Connecticut, nestled on the edge of Center and South Orchard Street, sits a former barn turned “Community Media Center”. Where cultivated hay and livestock used to be stored, creative and exciting media is now being made. The Wallingford Public Access Association, or WPAA-TV, is one of the 3 local … Continue reading WPAA-TV As Discovered by Intern John A McMahon