On The Parade Ground (2009)

When this was crafted for a blog called On the Parade Ground in 2009 WPAA volunteers had lost a 2-year effort to acquire a property literally on the Parade Ground. They also had no idea they would find an in-town property or keep their doors open daily. Much has changed but what remains a challenge is the development of an on-call crew and ‘sunshine’ programming.

Community Access TV is called vanity TV by some, the electronic soapbox by others and sometimes the church channel, given the predominance of religion-oriented programming. I like the change Wallingford’s Public Access Channel is trying to make to become WPAA Community Building TV.

The Community Building theme evolved when the organization sought to find and own an in-town building to control long-term expenses. The 1st location sought was literally OnTheParadeGround and is the inspiration for this program’s concept: a regular program about bringing sunshine to local topics of interest.

Absent from locally produced programs has been one that features facilitated civic conversation related to Wallingford specific issues. Our community does not understand why they have a community TV station.

I remind anyone that makes a connection with this blog that this kind of program needs a host and crew that can put the community before their personal interests. It is a show that needs a team of people that can see the potential of community building.

ON THE PARADE GROUND is an idea about citizens coming together in the town’s common area and discovering & sharing stories that inform opinion, provide useful information and entertain. There is a growing number of Users and maybe someday a crew of volunteers that will discover themselves and their community as they explore the tools & stage of #WPAATV

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