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WPAA-TV Owns 28 So Orchard St   — $38,000 in Building Debt remains 

The property title for 28 So Orchard St was released on March 7, 2019 to Wallingford Public Access Association (WPAA-TV). In 2009, for a purchase price of $215,000, the nonprofit WPAA-TV entered into a 12-year purchase agreement with the late Paul McNally. With volunteers completing adaptive use renovations, the value of the property has doubled within 10 years. However, WPAA-TV still has an outstanding loan of $38,000 that must be paid off by March 2020.

The source of the monies used to buy and renovate the property is cable fees designated for operations. At this juncture, we are asking members of the community to support us during the GreatGive® to help retire the remaining debt.

The Great Give® is an annual 36-hour giving event that matches charitable organizations with donors in a fun and engaging way hosted by the Community Foundation of Greater New Haven. This online giving can be done at www.thegreatgive.org WPAATV Portal on May 1st and 2nd.

You Can Help us Say Good-bye to Building Debt
In December 2018 the original mortgage of our building at 28 So. Orchard St. was retired. However, an aggressive and risky refinance plan requiring pay-off by March 2020 remains. 1,500 small donations of $25 during #GreatGive2019 will eradicate this debt.
Why Now?
At a national level in late 2018, Community TV’s existence became threatened by regulatory changes under consideration by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This situation caused our Board of Directors to revisit their 2017-19 Strategic Plan. It was decided to 1) enter a moderately risky credit line arrangement that would cut overall building costs by $7,000 and 2) reach out to the community for small donations in May with a capital campaign goal of $35,000.
The Home of Free Speech
A cow barn in 1924, this property is now a welcoming public space providing a 24/7 service to the community. Since its purchase in December 2009 for $215,000 it has been totally renovated and adapted by volunteers. It is a fully ADA compliant, energy efficient public space with a Black Box TV studio, several media edit suites, a community room, office and a gallery. The former hay loft is now a versatile performance and media space called studioW. The building’s exterior boasts a mural by ARCY, an internationally recognized large scale mural artist. The driveway was paved by a local woman-owned company. We are local in all that we do.
Time and Talent
We are proud to be able to ask for your support from a position of strength thanks to the core volunteers and supporters who helped us with their time and talent between 2010 and 2013. Building ownership by Community TV organizations is rare and unheard of for stations like ours with an annual budget under $100,000.
Beyond Time and Talent
As a rule, we almost always ask for time and talent. But this year we are seeking a $25 donation during the #GreatGive2019 to maximize the potential of local gifts with bonus opportunities within that campaign.
Ensuring a Good Outcome
It is unfortunate that the new future for Community TV is being decided by the FCC.  If the threat to three decades of funding turns out to be 100% annihilation of our primary funding source, we are determined to regroup and still provide media services to our community. If it becomes only a dent to our income, the building pay-off which reduces operating costs 25% will keep us stable. If it turns out to be a stress inducing distraction only, we shall regroup stronger, improving upon what we already do.
Your Gift
Thank you for being part of WPAA-TV with a gift that uplifts all voices with a home of free speech, right here in Wallingford.
Note: As this Great Opportunity Description is being crafted the future of Community TV is being decided by the FCC.  In 2018 the FCC opened Docket MB Docket No. 05-311 to review the last 26 years of regulatory guidance on implementing Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984 – Amended 1992. The reinterpretation of accounting procedures appears to potentially favor the cable providers and could zero out funding or significantly dent funding of Community TV Nationwide.

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