Out of the Dark: Looking at Mental Health through practiced eyes

By Garrett Amill

Mental health issues are still stigmatized. Addiction, PTSD, and more are rarely understood, let alone talked about. Out of the Dark takes a shot at addressing these complicated issues. It succeeds at shedding light on them through frank discussion.

The hosts, Jane Buckley and Joan Landino, are twins. Despite looking nearly identical, they are far from the same person. They have different takes on issues, and sound very different from each other. It is easy to tell which one is speaking, even if you can’t see them.

The two are both APRNs, or advanced practice registered nurses. This means they have more training and expertise than other nurses. This expertise lets the two discuss mental health issues from a perspective that includes more scientific knowledge. Of course, being nurses they see more cases of mental illness than the average person would. That on the street experience gives them further perspective on the issues.

The hosts’ experiences work to provide more information than otherwise. However, their discussion never gets too technical. Everything they say can be understood without a background in medicine.

The mental health challenges they chose to discuss are relevant. Dementia care, addiction, and marijuana especially provide good opportunities for interesting takes from the hosts. There are also a few less controversial episodes. The episode on DNA guided medicine is a particular standout. If you haven’t heard of that concept, definitely check it out to learn something new and fascinating.

A frank look at mental health issues is rare, but Out of the Dark provides it, bringing light to these often ignored issues.


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