What are the Responsibilities of Board Members?

The Basics

  • Attend six meetings that focus on oversight and strategic direction of the organization
  • Participate in at least one committee: Outreach, Building, Nominations, Tech
  • Attend committee meetings and attend to the tasks identified by or for those committees

Preferably, commit to a three-year term to increase the potential for WPAA-TV to serve the community.

Very Helpful

  • Network to increase awareness of WPAA-TV
  • Develop connections for viewers, users, and future financial supporters

Current Needs

We always need people with roots in the community. Key functions that need support are finance and marketing. In particular, one volunteer is needed that can onboard for the Office of Treasurer.  The other critical role is being the third person supporting outreach as Freeman P. Quinn, 1st to help us grow from 1,500 to 4,000 followers.

Reminder: Involvement in the production of shows is not a board function, so do not infer this to future members.

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