RecipEtc for AGRItude

RecipEtc [res-uh-pees]: Several methods to attain success with ingredients, directions and knowledgeable variations

AGRItude: A positive awareness and attitude about food and the systems that provide food.

                              ~ ~ ~
2012 Project: Develop a regularly scheduled community media program that provides timely, quality amplification of what at is already being done independently in the area of better food choices and sustainable local farming. Food is at the core of building relationships and there are many mini-stories that can be informing and done with video

Goal: create a make a difference Community TV program that
  1. can help anyone and everyone in Wallingford (and beyond)
  2. demonstrates the value of this under (nearly unused) community resource of Community TV
  3. has inter-generational participation in food stories and TV production
  4. gives back to participants more than what they contribute (good-will, awareness, community service credit for HS students, internships for College students)
  5. builds community around a powerful idea – sustainable food systems through informed food choices

Needed: AGRItude Coaches 

local people with expertise & passion for farming & food topics whose informing conversations can help others make better choices about food; and meaningful connections between farming, gardening, food, health, environment and community.

The tools for making TV are available to Wallingford residents at WPAA-TV 28 So. Orchard St. for free; but Community TV is about more than how to use a camera or edit a video; it is about passion. It takes passion for an idea, and interest in sharing opinions and expertise that makes for good content.

If you are interested in participating in this project send a note to

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One thought on “RecipEtc for AGRItude

  1. In the conversation: John Turenne -Sustainable Food Systems, Joe & Ida Defrancesco – Farmer Joe's Gardens (Summer CSA), High Hill Orchards – Wayne Young (Winter CSA)
    Wallingford Grange – Janet & Dan (Annual Sept Fair)

    Looking for connections with VoAg Program at Lyman Hall (inquiry in process), Community Gardens users, Garden Club (Board of Director inquiry in process), Local Farmers

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