Can you be part of our excellence?

All that is mWPAA-TV and Community Media Center is More.Than.TV. But our commitment to our primary mission is not only strong, it is recognize for excellence.

#wpaatv is the Alliance for Community Media Hometown Overall Excellence winner – small CommunityTV again in 2022 (2019, 21).
And our youth team wins honors for advocacy videos. A local producer also takes top honors in Children’s programming. (More on this soon in another story.)

Enjoy Raise The Curtain on the Arts #TheGreatGive Special featuring the Mike Casey Jazz Trio May 4th, 8 pm on #wpaatv (streaming & TV) with a replay at midnight and then 5 pm Thursday.

What we do together supports many organizations in Wallingford. Check out the #theGreatGive06492 campaign here.


Please consider being part of our excellence as a grassroots donor. As little as $5 can bring content in 2 languages to our community, underwrite festival fees for our producers, support our award winning youth training imitative: Team Hercules Youth.

All that is missing is U.

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