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A Tradition of Service
WPAA-TV has done its best to carry on our decades-long tradition of sharing faith community services as TV with the homebound. With COVID-19 many more are homebound.
Same Day Sunday #NowMoreThanEver

Since social distancing became a way of life, WPAA-TV expanded its commitment to local faith communities to share their worship experiences as Community TV. How people gather to worship has been among the changes in many lives. Among our changes were welcoming new to us communities of faith: Christ Presbyterian Church and Church of the Resurrection.

Returning to In-Person is not an option for everyone
As communities are gathering again in their physical spaces for worship, I reviewed our TV cable-casting arrangements for equity and viewing predictability. The following schedule was adopted by the participants.

Same-Day Sunday support to communities of faith has been a priority for the governance team of WPAA-TV since its inception in 1993. Board membership initially included members of local church camera crews. Having a key to the building made Same-Day Sunday possible when the production of the service required access to the tap dubbing machines and distribution tape decks.

Did you know that the longest-running program on WPAA-TV is the 8:00 AM Monday morning replay of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Sunday Service. For nearly thirty years members of the ladies guild have watched the service together as they participated in other church activities. That morning replay as well as 5:00 PM on Sunday continues to be on the schedule along with a few other long time arrangements.

The next longest-running program is the UCC-First Congregational Church of Wallingford I am not sure how long it has played at 3:30 PM, but I do know that Robert Berlepsch was the longest-serving volunteer crew for any program in Wallingford. I miss seeing him every week. For me, that was seven years of Sundays.

For decades some of the most avid users of community TV channels in the country have been faith communities or independent pastors. This is one of the few rare ways Community TV in Wallingford has been like Community TV in other towns.

I have enjoyed watching all the flavors of virtual togetherness this pandemic has brought forth within each of your faith communities.
It is personal …
Since March, providing this community support has been a 5-hour commitment rather than 3 hours. And if you know me, you know I am not a person of faith. I am however committed to community building. Supporting all of you were you gather in a community is part of that avocation.
#Staywell #KeepWatching #WeAreInThisTogether

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