What are your filters?

How do you listen? What is in the media you select? Are you open to discovery, conversation and engagement to be better informed or have you set our own filters to tune into those you have decided to trust or causes you decided to care about. Are you ignoring, distrusting or growing more unaware?

The challenges of ubiquitous content does require some filters. How can choosing be made a less perilous road to travel? Here are some guiding questions.

  1. Who or what can be my  “Trusted Sources“?
  2. What am I interested in knowing more about?
  3. Where can I poke my comfort zone?
  4. How can I steer clear of becoming part of collective distrust, anger and hate?

Here is an article with a framework regardless of your politics.

Restrictions to access and produce content are technically gone. Prior to the Internet ‘Community Media’ emerged to expand access to tools and means of distribution. There remains a role to be played here in America for access to tools to develop content for more varied distribution. Globally economic restrictions are changing in extra-ordinary ways thanks to efforts like these ViRural Africa marrying solar and cell phones.

#ConnectTheWorld #globalgoals

And there is a declaration about access to the pipeline a.k.a. Internet to which citizens can sign on to say I believe:
Internet access is essential for achieving humanity’s 
But it is more than a pipeline it is how and why we connect to it and allow those connections to influence us. Much to ponder. #globalgoals

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