Help Me Tell Our Vision Story

We just experienced our first intentional fundraising for the direct work of WPAA-TV. The lessons learned include:

Donors who know us and had the means were generous. Several gave from limited means because they know us. The mystery is that several who have been helped made no gesture of support. Did they not understand the messaging that we may disappear if the timeline of the debt is not met, or do they still just not comprehend what we do? They did not even congratulate us on our winning ‘Best in the USA.’ Is this a reflection on us, social media, or our messaging? Where do we go from here?  Your input is needed.

1) Tell a story about the future – if we stay funded.

What would happen if our vision of the future is realized – if we accomplished your mission, achieved your goals, and solved the problems we set out to solve. What would it look like? How would you feel? How would others feel?

2) Tell a story about the future – if FCC Rule-Making defunding us becomes a reality.

With evocative and descriptive language, describe the future when our doors close. What would be lost? Who would suffer? What would happen? What is in the picture without us in it?

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