Wallingford Stories, Yours and Ours #TeentigerTV

Will you accept our inaugural offer for the production of your Wallingford small business story by our #TeenTigerTV crew under the guidance of a professional filmmaker?

Community Funded Youth Program

For a minimum tax-deductible donation of $750 designated to our youth media program the #TeenTigerTV, the #TeenTigerTV team will produce a ‘non-commercial’ story about your connection to Wallingford. Our direct costs for your story will likely be $450. The balance will support staffing Media Mingles Mondays (funding dependent) and community stories produced by the same team. The youth team has access to all the tech resources of WPAA-TV and Community Media Center available to community producers at no charge. Multiple versions of your story or the inclusion of drone footage can be discussed if desired for a larger contribution.

Last year’s award-winning summer youth program was recognized in three national festivals and the public service PSA ‘Call 988 It is Never Too Late‘ is approaching 30,000 views. Have you seen it? Pls, watch and share. You can save a life.

WPAA-TV must raise $15,000 per quarter to cover operational costs for all aspects of the #TeenTigerTV program. This includes extending part-time positions to two qualifying youth from the summer Workforce Alliance program. That program has economic and/or social criteria for participation.

For a minimum tax-deductible donation of $750 designated to #TeenTigerTV your story can be our youth media-makers story.

When making a difference is a win.

Support & Training Only (WPAA-TV is not a media production house or news agency)

WPAA-TV does not produce TV except through this program. Community Media is made by and for the people of Wallingford with our shared resources and technical assistance. Local short stories are cablecast during Local@5 weekdays beginning at 5 p.m. These business stories by #TeenTigerTV will be featured in Local@5.

You can also submit video footage you capture on your phone as a local story. The criteria for submission can be found here.

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