Who is watching?

Ironically, our TV audiences are basic cable subscribers for which we have no data: no totals, no demographics, and therefore no context such as “What percent of subscribers are basic cable only?” Individuals that can afford cable packages are highly unlikely to be our viewers because they choose to pay for entertainment channels that they can watch on-demand.
Most of our active producers believe their audience is either viewing their show via the Internet stream or after the fact on YouTube or on more likely on Social Media therefore they do not care even care about how their show is scheduled after the first play. When we do hear from viewers, most are commenting on the curated content that actually is educational access content and should be viewable on the education channel. We know a few regularly tune in to listen to the #GoodEnough2Share Independent News Democracy Now.
I obviously believe in what we do together since I give 60 hours or more of unpaid time a week to this idea; but honestly, it is impossible to really know if the channel is what is necessary vs. the functions related to channel management. Is the place itself as a space for fostering talent and empowering action our truer purpose.?
Regarding the channel, I just needed to say it …

It would be nice to have subscriber and viewer data to understand who we are fighting for.

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