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If you are a filmmaker and want to know more about opportunities at WPAA-TV check out the guidelines at Film Initiative at studioW.  Or consider participating in our 3-minute movie challenges throughout the year.

3-Minute Movie Challenge


The program More.Than.TV Make Movies is now three times a year. It includes underwriting qualifying films for festivals. Three of the 2017 3-minute movies have been submitted to the Alliance for Community Media Hometown Video Festival. We wish the following movies good luck.

  • 06492rocks 3 Minute Movie about Wallingford CT Producer: Emma Higgens (Age 10);
  •  Dinner Time  1st production by youth team Ugly Chicken Wings Media Group Dennis Courtland King Jr, Tyler & Zachary & Aidan Koenig, and
  • something from The Sparrow Falling: The Council Scene.

If you missed the TV play of the sneak peeks of last year The Sparrow Falling you will need to be a Video Festival Judge to see it before it appears in a future episode.

Good luck to all of you.

Policy and Programs encourage film & movie making

Wallingford Public Access Association’s active support of filmmakers is now part of the mission. It was codified in policy in 2017 such that

Filmmakers are not required to be Wallingford residents. Use of any tools & stage resources by nonresidents will be subject to the guidelines of the Filmmaker Initiative in place at the time of reservation/application inclusive of a film proposal in lieu of Program Plan. Revenue seeking ventures will be subject to partnership agreements.

However, special conditions of support really began in 2013. The first policy change eased some very essential community TV requirements for filmmakers entering festivals. With proof 1st play as TV requirements could be waived. First play exemptions can be approved for documented film festival entries. 

Updates about some films

At this time support of filmmakers is random. Our location, studio and resources can be used, When support happens it means much to those filmmakers.  We provided the space and catering for producer and former intern Deanna P.

The largest project to date has been The Sparrow Falling. Episode One was released on Halloween with a screening at WPAA-TV. The filming component of the project took 180 days and involved 100 participants. Episode Two of Ten will soon be released.  The last day of filming was March 9th with this post of gratitude. To Follow The Sparrow Falling join this Facebook Group. To View: Subscribe

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