Sorry for (Y)our Loss #W06492

Last weekend the community lost two producers: One had just a planning meeting and a few ideas to sort through as she wanted to involve young people; the other five weeks in to his own project sharing stories & tips gleaned from his 55 years in radio.

Rachel dropped in to ‘check the place out’. She recently came to realize she could use the resources of WPAA-TV at no cost. The source of her awareness was an Intern Project which involved young members of her faith community on Tuesday and Thursday evenings this summer.  She had produced for Father John but had not made the connection between WPAA-TV and her ability to produce for herself.

Don reached out to the station in June seeking help in getting a response from a Producer that had interviewed him twice. The Producer was not returning calls, had not provided promised DVD copies of the interviews nor had he set up another interview. Don went on to say that he had so much he wanted to talk about and he wished there was a better way than a meandering interview.

Don did not understand that he could produce his own stories. He was lead to believe he had to be “interviewed”  by this “employed” Producer. (WPAA-TV does not employ Producers.)

Your stories are welcome here: You can Produce Yourself. The community will be at a loss if you wait too long to share your passions.

Posted with the utmost thanks for having been touched ever so slightly by these two wonderful individuals.

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