Community Collaboration

Does every idea need to be nurtured? Does every cause need brick & mortar? Does every suffering need a solution without regard for duration of effect? Can outcomes be made better even within compromise? Is engagement of diverse voices beneficial? How do you define diversity?

No. No. No. Yes.Yes. Age, gender, economics, culture, ability, experience.

Individuals brought together to steward a cause or govern an organization must answer these questions often.

Every offered idea needs a listen. If offered, it is part of the bigger picture; however, ideas that are nurtured should be well connected to a vision and strategy. More importantly it must be embraced by those responsible for its execution and be viable within risks levels reviewed collectively. Here is where emotion meets reason.

Place: Big decisions like occupying or buying a space have substantial cost impacts and commitments of time. Here the benefits of ready access to a space must be counter weighted by the energy and resources the space itself requires. This goes beyond rent or mortgage payments and includes the mundane essentials like housekeeping, other essentials such as utilities and security and then the furnishings. Donors can rally around the visibility of B&M but leaping from an all hands on deck volunteer organization funded event by event to a month to month operation is big. Is the cause big enough? Is there community space that can be your home?

Reaching Horizon Goals: The decision about place.
Reaching Horizon Goals: The decision about the place.

It is the goal of many great causes — to someday not be needed. If your cause should have a horizon then investing in the programs and processes to ensure your closing is optimal. Let reason guide your desire to become a legacy so that your legacy may live on.

The voices of many can be a cacophonous vacuum, a rallying cry for change or a community coming together where they can. You never find out what you share without letting the voices of others be shared.

It is our humanity and connection that shall govern the better in all compromise.


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