Inaugural Episode: CommUnity Conversations

WPAA-TV does not produced TV; rather we provided resources,training and technical support to citizen producers. The show Community Conversations has a new twist on the concept of production support. Each show is a collaborative production facilitated by Similar to productions historically done by trained citizen producers it is designed to represent the participants views and interests in a noncommercial and informing manner. Unlike citizen productions for this collaborative programming WPAA staff and production volunteers take an active role in soliciting Contributors from within the community. WPAA provide extensive technical production support in a manner that still leaves content decisions with the Contributors. Collaborative production helps you make TV ! How much you participate like what you say is up to you.

Click image to watch Episode 1: Planning for Aging
Community Conversations
Conversations in the public interest. Make TV.



At a recent Alliance For Community Media Conference many future of Community TV discussions center around purpose, sustainability, embodying the mission, being hyper-local and a valued go-to resource. Several stations shared that they had begun weekly or monthly news magazines shows using staff as both the talent and production team. With this in mind and the goal of creating a sustainable model for hyper-local programs that can better enable and expand community engagement the concept of CommUnity Conversations was given the development nod. Staff remains behind the scenes but takes on a larger supportive role in managing the program evolution. The initiative is seen as a collaboration; connecting local stakeholders and their constituencies within the community through ‘informing’ conversation.

Topics: child care, literacy, reading, social needs and services, epidemics & wellness, transparency, networking & service; essentially, any topic with two or more people committed to exploring available local resources, concern or opportunities can be an episode. Do you have a topic? Let us know at wpaa at gmail dot com

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