When you stop in to complain …

When you stop in to complain …we 1st determine if you know anything about us. If you do not pass the quick assessment of “know us”; then you will be given the basic info but not much valuable ‘unpaid’ time of volunteers.

Why? Because we know you are not a regular viewer or follower of WPAA-TV. It is easy to determine if you came across the content that offended you “accidentally”. Our viewers are most often pull viewers. Tuning in to see something in particular or knowing that we are a potentially informing or entertaining alternative when nothing else is appealing TV at the moment.

Another thing we know. You are assuming your local tax dollars are paying for what we do. Not so.

Adult Content can be Profane
Adult Content can be Profane

Adult Content. Yes: After 10 PM and before 5 AM program content CAN BE adult language. It is legal. We are cable. We are Free Speech. Content is not censored. You just can not SELL stuff here.

For more information on what can be cablecast on a public access channel read this FCC documentation.

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