Sincerity and integrity are hallmarks of service: Let Us Celebrated

Behind every phrase of service is a powerful story.

“How can I be of help?” she asked,
“I have a good idea,” he said,
You have a story to share. “Yes, we can.”
“We’ll do it together,” they offered.
“We’ll be right here until it’s done.”
“Let’s do it this way, it is more fun!”
“It’s what we’re here for it’s no fuss.”
“You have an idea, let’s flesh it out.”
“Call us back if you should need us.”
“You need our help, no problem.”
“Oh, I’m just glad to do my part.”
“Come this way, We’ll show you the tools.”
“Goodness no, I don’t want pay.”
“You can do it, I’ll show you how.”
“You need it when? I’ll do it now.”
“If you need anything I’m right here.”
“Who am I? A Volunteer.”
“Who are you? “You can be a Contributor.”

We are here so you can Contribute to your Community's Media.
We are here so you can Contribute to your Community’s Media.

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