Our Volunteer Team and the WPAA-TV Board…

The 28 So. Orchard location for WPAA-TV needs to have occupancy approval for the 2nd floor before OnTheParadeGround can resume with our Monday programming. Our Team has been part of the volunteer crew designing, renovating, cleaning, and moving all things television.

In June the WPAA-TV Board did adopt a policy for Video On Demand (VOD) that we qualify for~~Locally produced at WPAA-TV; so our original 6 programs will be available as VOD as soon as the technology is deployed. The will include the Special Memorial Edition of the Relay For Life Program and the non-profit PSAs completed June 10.

Remember we are a volunteer crew trying to help the Wallingford Community tell their stories. You can join the Team. Josiah will host again for a brief time when we resume as Paul has Theater commitments in August. So consider being a host, running a camera, collecting images, editing…

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