You Recorded A Community Event. Now What?

You recorded a community experience on Zoom or a similar application. Now what? Consider how video reproduction and redistribution on community TV can be a vital service to your community organization. There are a few ways. Redistribution and/or reproduction can help increase the reach of program content that has evergreen value. Consider this.

Before There Was Zoom …

Historically, community TV providers said “Let us help by giving you a camera in the room.” Truthfully, that was not as successful as we would have liked. But now by virtue of changes in the world, most organizations have a camera capturing their community engagement with a meeting app such as Zoom, Google Meet or MicroSoft Teams. So you are allset. Right? And you think community TV is not relevant. Right!  But, maybe we can actually provide more value than we have historically. First, did you know we can share ‘app captured content’ as television? That is right, our purpose for being is sharing community created content. Previously, we encouraged you to make video content and provided the tools to do so. We still do that. See more about tools a bit later.

Distribution Opportunity: Now More Than Ever

Before there was Zoom, Facebook and YouTube there was community TV.  We, WPAA-TV, can provide value to other civic organizations in this new communication landscape in a few ways. We can provide one or more of the following:

    1. an additional channel for content distribution. A TV channel.
    2. reproduction for ease of listening and/or content promotion
    3. secondary redistribution of ‘played on TV content’ on our As Told Here podcast
    4. tools are still available including webcams to remote participants, light for your meeting rooms, cloud editing and laptops.

Why reproduce?

Improve ease of listening. Share highlights. Create archives. Reach a broader audience.

If your goal is to have an archive worthy production, a program that respects the secondary listener’s time, or excerpts of key ideas for promotion, a video reproduction/remix can provide value. Many of the videos captured on live calls, or in hybrid meetings, include content specific to the event ‘as it happens’, technical glitch interruptions, presentations with hums, thought words and extraneous mentions by the presenter(s). An hour could become 45 minutes. Shorter is always better. A 30 second or 2 minute sound-byte may be the introduction that brings more viewers to the content.

Reproduction is time consuming. That is why it rarely happens. Three to four hours can easily be spent to ‘reproduce’ a 30 minute segment.

Video reproduction or remix provides a learning opportunity on 2 levels. It increases your contents audience by one or more young people that would never have listened and it develops critical listening & media making skills.

reMake recordings for TVOur youth media training program, turns ‘as it happened’ video recordings into ‘concise evergreen’ video productions. We can also create social media promotional clips. This is coordinated in our Community Service and media training programs. Anyone can take a picture, but everyone is not a photographer. Any event can be recorded, but every recording is not a production.

How to submit content to WPAA-TV

We still need permission to share your content and the organization submitting must accept responsibility for the content. A fillable media release for organizations is on our website in the Deep Dive Section. This form provides us with permission to either share content as sent, or reproduce content to optimization the value and reach. Reproduction works best with source files. Source files can be sent this Email. We can also work with downloads from YouTube links.

In conclusion:

Now that there are more tools, why not optimize how you extend your reach into the community with the comfort and ease of TV?  Or provide opportunities for youth to hear your content as they optimize it. Or, provide a listen only opportunity for evergreen content via our podcast.

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