2011 Shows

Our year has been more random than anticipated but given we supported events that on average were 3 hours long we did produce considerable content. We also have capture/LIVE programs that get post-production attention to tell a fuller story and improve video quality.

This Year we are taking our chances on the following in the ACM-NE Video Festival.

OtPG: Voices of the People – Empty Plates Empty Pockets. Original capture Nov. 2010.

The paper plates in this video did get to the desk of the President via train via Congresswoman DeLauro’s Office. The idea and original footage was transformed into a 2 minute PSA about using community media as part of the community recipe for public policy issues.



OtPG: Home of Free Speech -Wallingford. Promo for Oct 2011 Open House – Free Speech Week.

The video uses archival footage from PSAs and Holiday PSA Days and video notes on the building renovation to document the relocation of WPAA to 28 So. Orchard. recipe for public policy issues.


studioW: Zombie Vs. Vampire: A Rockperetta. (Music); M&Ms in Heaven (Children); Virtual Gates – a dream play (Theater); DryDock Music Festival Heaven (Live – 1st hour);

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