2012 — seeds of change

In 2009, a few of us experimented with format and crew development. We completed programs for 6 non-profit/community organizations. The intiative was then interrupted by the evolution of WPAA into a media center (new building/location); and the crew was distracted by the creation of studioW (which is now a Piece Theatre project) and general skills retooling. In … Continue reading 2012 — seeds of change

Launched YouTube Channel OTPGWPAA

It is challenging to schedule shorts on the Community Access Channel. They can be filler and seen if someone is surfing. So in addition to submitting to WPAA-TV some shorts will be posted on the OntheParadeGround You Tube Channel There are a few Versions of Blood On Our Hands on this Channel because viewers provided … Continue reading Launched YouTube Channel OTPGWPAA

studioW 4 entries from year 1, otpg 2 from year 2

Our year has been more random than anticipated but given we supported events that on average were 3 hours long we did produce considerable content. We also have capture/LIVE programs that get post production attention to tell a fuller story and improve video quality. This Year we are taking our chances on the following in … Continue reading studioW 4 entries from year 1, otpg 2 from year 2

Distracted by studioW — all good

The February studioW show is currently in Post Production. There was a full array of performances that evening hosted by Piece Theatre. The Visual Arts display was equally enchanting with Recycle Art by Karen J Wassmer and Ryk Wilkinson, photography by Steve Walter (his gallery is here). Adam Stone from Boston was the featured Poet. … Continue reading Distracted by studioW — all good

Our Volunteer Team and the WPAA-TV Board…

The 28 So. Orchard location for WPAA-TV needs to have occupancy approval for the 2nd floor before OnTheParadeGround can resume with our Monday programming. Our Team has been part of the volunteer crew designing, renovating, cleaning, and moving all things television. In June the WPAA-TV Board did adopt a policy for VOD that we qualify … Continue reading Our Volunteer Team and the WPAA-TV Board…

The series is over but the tasks are not

Our first Make a Difference in the Service of Others Series has concluded. One post-edit remains to be done (went out in the rain at lunch time to get a B-roll image). A few small PSAs still to be designed. And then there is the coordination of web viewable downloads with wpaa.tv once their is … Continue reading The series is over but the tasks are not