Messages from God … Freeman says

In-person and on-line today, senior women saying they are hearing the voice of God connected with Freeman.

This is the Home of Free Speech and the in-person visit by the resident needed to get the same access to resource usage as anyone else.

I tried to discern if she had skills to relay stories, share information in any kind of organized or persuasive manner. I confessed that I did not believe in God, had some familiarity with murder and had no true interest in her content. But I did feel compelled to inform her about the power of the tools and the risks she might be subject to.

We left it that if in further conversations with God she was still moved to make a video of something on her mind that we would provide her with a private room and camera rolling to “capture’ her story. That we were otherwise booked until April. We would prep the file for TV and have her come back in a few days to sign a media release and make plans for airing her show; unless the voice of God gave her a different message and suggests we do not proceed.

I told her the story about making a Bullying PSA that could have resulted in the Producer becoming more likely to be bullied; further sharing that together, with our understanding of the resources and her passions we create as best we can what was intended.

Within the hour Freeman gets a Friend Request:  I wanted someone I could tell to help me out with something God wants me to do to the world.

Okay this ol’ bird may need some intervention of liquid spirits.

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