‘What if’ Community TV was embraced by Cable TV?

For over five decades, cable companies have not embraced Community TV a.k.a. Public Education Government Access TV (P.E.G.) In the 1960s, Cable Cowboys envisioned that an alternative to broadcast TV could be their gold rush. For many it was. They secured air rights and put up poles and lines in communities across America. There are … Continue reading ‘What if’ Community TV was embraced by Cable TV?

You Recorded A Community Event. Now What?

You recorded a community experience on Zoom or a similar application. Now what? Consider how video reproduction and redistribution on community TV can be a vital service to your community organization. There are a few ways. Redistribution and/or reproduction can help increase the reach of program content that has evergreen value. Consider this. Before There … Continue reading You Recorded A Community Event. Now What?

Community Awards

One measure of success is community awards; especially, from peers. Another is to enable enough community engagement for ‘community produced’ television to happen regularly. We strive daily for a moment of time from residents, civic leaders and those interested in advocacy, performance and connection. We hope that in brief moments of connection, either  intentional or … Continue reading Community Awards

Kinde Next| Storytelling Matters

I thought about writing a memoir three time. The first, Kindle Next, would have focused on my introduction to advocacy work predominantly during my VISTA enlistment. Rich In Mercy was to be about a life derailed by mental illness and a spiritual rescue. Unfortunately, that untold story was more like a tested hypothesis that does … Continue reading Kinde Next| Storytelling Matters

About the funding and the service: Lessons from Vermont

Vermont’s Community TV system is similar to Connecticut’s. The same Federal laws apply and the basics about PEG are universal. In 1995, CT modified the PEG underwriting and regulator management. CT was one of the first states to move to statewide franchising. This benefited the cable providers enormously had as left much of the provision … Continue reading About the funding and the service: Lessons from Vermont

Information Literacy According to Freeman

All of us carry bias. Our beliefs and opinions are influenced … When we first meet someone, we already have a narrative we tell about them, just by looking at them.  DANA STACHOWIAK Literacy Now Acts of Journalism, Acts of Literacy Journalists must check their biases daily As best they can. The Fourth Estate Journalism … Continue reading Information Literacy According to Freeman

On The Parade Ground (2009)

The following blog entry into On the Parade Ground was in 2009 when WPAA volunteers had lost a two-year effort to acquire a property on The Parade Ground. They also had no idea they would find an in-town property or keep their doors open daily. Much has changed, but what remains a challenge is the development … Continue reading On The Parade Ground (2009)

WPAA-TV As Discovered by Intern John A McMahon

In the quiet town of Wallingford, Connecticut, nestled on the edge of Center and South Orchard Street, sits a former barn turned “Community Media Center”. Where cultivated hay and livestock used to be stored, creative and exciting media is now being made. The Wallingford Public Access Association, or WPAA-TV, is one of the 3 local … Continue reading WPAA-TV As Discovered by Intern John A McMahon

PEGPETIA Purpose, Equity and Reasonableness

Testimony to PURA from WPAA-TV: In support of equity in service to our diverse communities about the method of funding for capital expenses associated with CT Community TV Equity and reasonableness within a system with embedded inequities are challenging and noble goals. In striving to achieve Goal #6 ‘applicant‐friendly and not unduly burdensome to the … Continue reading PEGPETIA Purpose, Equity and Reasonableness