What are your filters?

How do you listen? What is in the media you select? Are you open to discovery, conversation and engagement to be better informed or have you set our own filters to tune into those you have decided to trust or causes you decided to care about. Are you ignoring, distrusting or growing more unaware? The … Continue reading What are your filters?

Community Collaboration: Includes Business

As a corporate entity Wallingford Public Access, Inc. is dedicated to providing all manner of support for the creation and distribution of noncommercial community media.  However noncommercial doesn’t mean there is a black-out on the use of ‘Community TV’ resources by business. The no-can-do is literally no commercials: Video with calls to action for sales … Continue reading Community Collaboration: Includes Business

The flavor: Citizen Media

Citizen Media is not Public Affairs Programming.  Citizen Media is often a blend of authentic and quirky or maybe even ‘raw’ story.  Within its content you might notice opinions, ideas, and dreams. It can be coverage of an event, talking heads or a local news clip; but the perspective of the Producer influences what is … Continue reading The flavor: Citizen Media

Why choose symbols to express yourself

Free Speech: Symbolic protest against injustice and name calling of those that protest injustice. All lawful. If you want to be heard or make-a-difference you choose your platform and symbols and take action with the courage because there will be haters that will try to take you down, obliterate your message and derail your purpose. … Continue reading Why choose symbols to express yourself

Does copyright law provides us with a First Amendment-free zone

Whether the alleged use is a ‘political statement’ or not, whether it is a ‘parody’, or not: the decision for someone to express themselves—whether quoting a news article, an opponent or the lyrics of a Pokemon song, we must remember it is the speech of the person who chooses to make it AND considerations of … Continue reading Does copyright law provides us with a First Amendment-free zone

Community Collabortation

Does every idea need to be nurtured? Does every cause need brick & mortar? Does every suffering need a solution without regard for duration of effect? Can outcomes be made better even within compromise? Is engagement of diverse voices beneficial? How do you define diversity? No. No. No. Yes.Yes. Age, gender, economics, culture, ability, experience. … Continue reading Community Collabortation

atypical media organization

The term “media organization” means “a person or entity engaged in disseminating information to the general public through a newspaper, magazine, other publication, radio, television, cable television, or other medium of mass communication.” (2 USCS § 1602).  Media institutions can also be seen as being involved in the production, exchange and reproduction of meaning. Therefore, … Continue reading atypical media organization